“Have you considered re-revisiting your will”?

Since I took the bishopric in the Diocese of Mundri about three years ago, I realized how challenging this ministry is, especially when the inflow of coins not only for major projects (constructions of vital facilities, paying bursary for theological students etc) but even sometimes for the running expenses of the Administrative work and so on and forth is in short supply! One (among many others!) of the things our Church had failed to do is educate believers in the writing of wills. Perhaps this is culturally conditioned to some extend. However, if we do so as someone says, it “will be making a bequest to” the Diocese of Mundri.  But why should we do this? We need to do this, for instance, “because we believe passionately that a healthy church needs the very best training possible for each new generation of Christian leaders” among others. Yet two years ago, I had the privilege of ordaining thirty three (33) Deacons into Priesthood and only one of them had formal theologically training!

Don’t you believe that as someone says that, “It is a real thrill being able to give to God’s work, especially making provision for ministry to continue long after we, as the Salvation Army put it, are promoted to glory?” Certainly, you don’t need to rule out your spouse, children and grandchildren, from your will!  It is appropriate to make advance reservations for them, but the point is that “When you next do so would you consider creating an enduring legacy by making a bequest to” the Diocese of Mundri for the advancement of the Kingdom of God in this so called Islamic Country?

The Rt. Rev’d. Bismark M. Avokaya
Diocesan Bishop.