About the Convention Jan. 27th to 31st 2010

We are delighted that the LORD enabled us to conduct the fourth National Convention organised by the Central Revival Movement in Conjunction with the ECS, Provincial Department of Missions and Evangelism and hosted by the Diocese of Mundri.

We invited the Governor of this State (Western Equatoria State -WES) to come and receive the Archbishop to open the convention. Although the Archbishop was not able to come, and instead sent his representative, The Episcopal Council Secretary and the Diocesan Bishop of Rokon, The Rt. Rev. Francis Loyo. We are so grateful that the Governor was able to honour our invitation and come to receive the Archbishop's representative. There are 26 States in Sudan and the Governor of WES is a lady (and she is the only lady Governor in Sudan at the present)!

The Diocese of Mundri, the organizing Committee and the local authorities were delighted to receive the Governor who came with 80 delegates on her team. These included MPs, some top government officials of the State and the soldiers. But we hosted the Governor only for the night and the following day after she opened Baya Primary School and part of the opening ceremony of the Convention she left as her dairy was full. Present at the event of the first day were 7,190 people. See part of the congregation on the web. However, before the Governor left we ensured that two of our Pastors should go to the hostel minister and pray for her personally and that God that it went successfully.

The rest of the days the attendance were as follows:

28/01/2010 7,190 May be due to Governor's presence!
29/01/2010 4,739  
30/01/2010 3,940  
31/01/2010 5,682  


NB: We instructed that each day, the attendance was to be taken and this was how we came to know these figures. However, most people disputed the figures that probably the counting was not done properly as the population appeared to be more than indicated. But we could not verify.


We did not have enough places for accommodation, even though we had constructed three houses for the occasion. In addition to that, because of lack of places, most people used class rooms at Baya Primary School, others slept in the near by lodges, or at the homes of relatives and friends, and the rest slept on mats and plastic sheets in the Cathedral building, but others under the mango trees in the church compound! Thank God that it did not rain during the event.

Finally, twenty seven (27) people gave their lives to Christ and invited him for the first time as their Lord and Saviour. Therefore, we would like to express our sincere thanks to all those who contributed cash or in kind for the success of this Convention. The details are with the Central Revival Committee. May the Lord bless you all.

The Rt. Rev. Bismark M. Avokaya
Bishop of Mundri.